Real Estate

Is Orlando your favorite place in the world for vacations and holidays? Why not make it your second home? Buying real estate in Orlando will save you a great deal of travel and lodging money and potentially earn you extra income if you decide to rent it out to other holidaymakers while you are toiling away for your next Florida escapade. Here at A Plus Vacation Homes, we don't only provide vacationers with listings of beautiful, well-maintained homes to stay at while in town, but offer licensed representation for acquiring real estate in the area. As your licensed Realtor, we will:
  1. Act as your Buyer's Agent at No Charge, personally representing you during the process.
  2. Provide you with expert, objective advice, and tell you about the pros and cons of purchasing property in another state or country.
  3. Determine your needs and consider your preferences, while weighing your financial situation from a housing and financial viewpoint.
  4. Show you all your options and give you access to new/resale homes that you can choose from in the Disney-Orlando area.

We have all the experience that makes us an authority in the vacation home marketplace. We represent buyers for free and get our compensation from the seller or builder themselves, making sure both the interest of the seller and the buyer are protected.

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